Filipino Best Snacks!

Hello everyone, here are 3 of some best of filipino foods.


Taho is a favorite Philippine healthy snack food and is basically made of fresh tofu, brown sugar or vanilla syrup and tapioca pearls. It is high in protein, low in fat, very affordable, and very satisfying that is why its very well known in the Philippines. It was brought to the Philippines by Chinese immigrants and since has become a staple of daily life. However, Filipino taho differs from Chinese “to hoa” in two distinct ways: the syrup in Filipino taho is made from brown sugar which is also/usually called “arnival” while the Chinese version is with clear sugar. and Filipino taho is served with tapioca pearls or “sago” in tagalog.

Here in the Philippines many Taho Vendors are selling this every morning. Me when I heared shouting ” Taho… Taho…” I already preparing some coins to buy one. Sometimes instead of taking coffee, I prefer to eat this. Much more delicious if you added more arnival. You can get this Taho in only just “Php 5.00 or 0.099 US Dollars” or if you prefer more, you can avail more than that.

Even this is considered as street foods. This is also serves in selected restaurant in the Philippines.


Banana que and Kamote-que is very popular in the Philipines. It is a popular street food that is cooked, it is deep fried slices of sweet potatos and saba banana with caramelized sugar coating in bamboo skewer.

You might find it in the streets or selling it by the vendors while walking.

I will make another blog and post the prodecures on how to make this.


Kwek-Kwek or Orange eggs are boiled quailed eggs coated with an orange batter and deep-fried until the batter is crispy. This is categorized as a street food and are sold along with fish balls, squid balls, and chicken balls, kikiam and many more.

This is only the little one, but the big one or what do you called is the Big brother of KwekKwek is what we called “Tokneneng”. This is very easy to do, you just need cornstach, orange food coloring, eggs and salt. In sauce just only vinegar with some sliced onions and cucumbers.

I always buy this together with my boyfriend because its his favorite. You can also make your own kwek kwek or make profit to it if your going to make business. This is only very low capital and you’ll gain more profit.

Thats all for tonight. This is my first time to make a blog. I hope you like it. ❤


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